Bridging the gap between supply chain technology awareness and adaptation through building an innovation supporting culture


Today the battle for the lion's share of the consumer's rupee is fought supply chain vs supply chain. Those organizations that can deliver on rising customer service expectations at efficient cost through competency and innovation in their supply chain operations will be the winners.

The supply chain leaders should embrace, not fear, the future. The supply chain function offers professionals access to some of the most exciting and innovative technology emerging across the business landscape.

Leaders recognize that accelerated change in supply chain processes is coming, but what they largely don't know is how to take advantage of this change. The key is to not only generate insightful data, but to share it between players within supply chains so that they can act on it. To do that, leaders need to embrace these new and emerging technologies and determine how to best apply them to meet their specific supply chain needs.

With this forum we help Supply Chain professionals to take advantage of technology and innovation to transform into Next-Generation Supply Chains that will be more efficient, flexible and transparent.


  • Bridging the talent gap to run the new breed of digitized, connected supply chains
  • Bringing in the necessary agility in your ERP platform
  • Leveraging the usage of machine learning and robotic automation in supply chain planning and execution
  • Setting the stage for a low risk- high impact Predictive analytics implementation
  • Deploying and expanding IoT capabilities for an enhanced end to end visibility in your Supply Chain
  • Overcoming challenges faced in blockchain technology adaptation


Senior Management from important departments of the Supply Chain function
  • IoT and Mobile solution providers
  • Analytical tools developers
  • Service and Manufacturing Operations Technology providers
  • Customer Relationship Management Technology solutions providers
  • Transportation and Warehousing Technology solution providers
  • Procurement and Expense Management Technology providers


Chief Officers, Vice Presidents, Directors, GM's of the following departments from Cross sector companies across India:


  • Supply Chain
  • Sales & Operations Planning
  • Procurement
  • Logistics
  • Inventory
  • Warehousing
  • Innovation
  • Technology