Supply Chain Management (SCM) professionals have had to adapt to remain efficient and responsive especially when facing disruptions such as COVID-19. Organisation and leaders who are able to communicate their significant and proven achievements can not only positively affect return on investment and performance at their own companies, they can also give back to the industry and to their peers by sharing their stories.

There are five awards being presented this year, and each has unique criteria that all successful applications must meet.

Technology Innovation in Supply Chain
This award recognises projects that demonstrate how an organisation is driving change by adoption of new, innovative supply chain practices and about how the organisation has succeeded into evolving their traditional supply chains into connected, smart, and highly efficient supply chain ecosystems.

Warehousing Initiative of the Year
This award recognises excellence in warehouse management, incorporating single-site operations or a multi-site strategy. Strategies adopted by your organization and how does it stand out from others.

Resilient Supply Chain Team of the Year
This award recognizes team that serve as role models and leaders in driving supply chain resiliency. The performance of each team member that contributed to making a successful resilient supply chain model.

Supply Chain Excellence Leader of the Year
This award recognizes forward thinkers, experimenters and early adopters in supply chain. Leaders who have successfully encouraged managers and championed techniques, projects or processes throughout the company.

Procurement Excellence Leader of the Year
This award is specially designed to recognize outstanding performance by professional working in procurement/ sourcing.

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